Let’s face it, some of us need help getting that certain someone’s attention. Some of us don’t know how to flirt or are on the shy side and sometimes our potential lover is married or has a partner. Whatever the problem is, the best way to get the ball rolling is by sending over or uploading the perfect selfie. These 6 steps are guaranteed to take your selfie game to the next level :

1. Clean your house first










Seriously. We see all that shit on the floor behind you. Clean it up before you proceed.


2. Give good face











It’s important to get to know your face. The best way to do this is to practice poses in a mirror and to grab some pics to see the results. Discover your best side and the angles which capture you best. Consider your hair and how to use it to accent the features you want to highlight. Also try going lighter on the make-up for a more natural look and grab some shots with your lips slightly parted, a strong flirty signal for both men and women.


3. Strike a pose









Purchase a tripod, Promark and Polar Pro make ones with adjustable legs which are great for positioning. But if you’re on a budget or are creative then learn how to creatively balance your phone on random surfaces. Shoot in a space with enough room and skip shooting in tiny bathrooms. When you’re ready to grab the perfect shot place a mirror behind your camera so that you can adjust your pose. Shooting in a bedroom is an obvious choice to remind your lover where the magic happens, but consider other spaces in your home to add a little context to your shots. The “I’m not posing and I didn’t know this photo was being taken because I wasn’t ready” pose is always a good way to go.


4. Play dress up (or undress altogether)

You don’t have to go nude to capture your sexiest self but if you choose to, hide your face unless you’re cool with your parents or kids seeing the pics someday. Our hook-up society is rife with horror stories of revenge porn and private images going public so protect your privacy to prevent any future misfortunes. Find the items in your closet that make you feel sexiest. If that means a tee with cotton panties, go that route. If it’s lacy lingerie or leather, bring it. The sexier you feel in what you’re wearing, the more likely you’ll express that feeling into your photos. Lastly, send over a pic like this and ask “How does this look?” or go the naughty route and ask “How fast can you take this off me?”




5. Find the right light
Ditch the flash and go with natural light. The right light source can be anything from an open window to a pair of perfectly placed living room lamps. Natural light makes your skin glow and accentuates your curves while adding depth.
Try to dim lights or switch to colored bulbs that can be found at most discount stores to add some sensual lighting to your photos. If your photos are coming out dark from a lack of light try adding a piece of tape over the flash to diffuse it. Also, be mindful of overhead lights, which add shadows to your face and body.





6. Filters and apps are your friend









Some of us have bad skin, forehead wrinkles,blemishes or just look really weird in photos. Luckily all photo apps have filters to give us an edge. Test out a few different filters and apps to see which best captures you. Soften and blur photos for a more romantic effect and test out black and white photo filters. Try apps like Facetune, Afterlight and VSCO which give you more options that the Instagram filters.

7. Plan B.

If all else fails, walk into your bathroom, sit on the sink and poke your booty out.

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